Enmar Shipping Agency provides professional husbandry services for vessels.It is our pleasure to inform you as we provide :

  1. Ship Spare Parts Clearance and Delivery
  2. Ships Supply Services; Provisions,Technical,Spare Parts and Stores.
  3. Cash to Master Deliveries
  4. Delivery of Crew Mail & Courier Packages
  5. Bunkers and Fresh Water Supply
  6. Crew Changes, travel and medical arrangements.
  7. Hotel Accomodations.
  8. Daily Transportation Services.
  9. Deslopping at Istanbul & Canakkale Straits
  10. Underwater inspection at anchorage
  11. Coordination of Class attendances
  12. Owners and Charterers protective services.
  13. Supervision Services
  14. Stevedoring and Tallying
  15. Tug and Barge Arrangements
  16. Motor Boat Services