To Respectful Enmar Associates;

With the motto of ‘MARİTİME NATİON MARİTİME STATE’   Turkish Chamber of Shipping and  Maritime Association of Shipowners and Agents aim  to increase the development of Turkish Shipping with their respectful members.

As ENMAR we are fully respect and aggree the Business Ethic regulations  of  both organistions.

Under this Regulations our mission is to improve  our firm in high standards  and always remain as respecful anf reliable  business partner for our associates.

Business Ethics

  1. In all our operations we are oblgied all international aggrements and regulations that the turkish repuclic state part with it.
  2. Trustworthy, equity and sovereignty are our main principles through our business relationships.
  3. We always run our business with the responsibility of protecting our business partners legal rights and at the same time we give effort to protect the values of our puclic order.
  4. We are capable to use our business knowledge and experience to not only for our gain and also for our country.
  5. We clarify the declerations comprehensibley and represent the reports accurately at the right time.
  6. Honesty is our main value at the beginning of our businness process.
  7. We care about information safety and we highly protect our businness clients private informations.
  8. We hardly work to make business etchic to make our cultural block
  9. In our company we work as a team so we controll our managers and staff to avoid any personal benefit in our operations.
  10. While running our business we fair to all public institutions, administrative foundations, political parties and civil society organisations without any beneficial expectations.
  11. In our actions we avoid any defraudations.
  12. Fair competition is a must for our buiness.
  13. We care about our workers safety and provide them equalliy and fair employment.
  14. We are part of the social unity projects and we share this responsibility with our all businness contacts.
  15. We avoid any actions to harm our firm’s prestige
  16. We respect all the regulations of businness ethic foundation.